EnSci100 Exam 2 Review

EnSci100 Exam 2 Review - EnSci100Exam2Review

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EnSci100 Exam 2 Review You should understand the following terms/concepts: (“vs.” = known the difference between the terms) The general issues facing horseshoe crab/red knot populations and management  strategies that can be used to protect populations 5 factors that lead to biodiversity loss and how each decreases biodiversity Reasons for the decline of the American bison Reasons for the decline of polar bears Definition of ‘conservation biology’ Endangered vs. threatened species Common population recovery tactics Basic characteristics of oceans Main human uses of marine resources- transportation, fuel, minerals, etc. Sources of marine pollution HABs Status of marine fisheries The concept of maximum sustainable yield Industrialized fishing practices and how they affect catch rates Bycatch  Fishing down the food web
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EnSci100 Exam 2 Review - EnSci100Exam2Review

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