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Final_Review_Sheet_1__chapters_8-16 - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Psychology Professor Ira Saiger Psychology 1010 Fall 2009 Review Sheet for Chapters 8-16 (only the book, not lecture) THIS IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE ! terms not on the review sheet may appear on the exam Remember the final is *technically* cumulative, meaning you may be asked about terms and concepts from the first half of the semester Key: ** - very, very, very important * - very, very important Unmarked - very important Chapter 8: Memory **Memory Three fundamental processes of memory Encoding **Attention Divided Attention Levels of Processing Shallow, Intermediate, Deepest Levels Elaboration Imagery Mnemonic Paivio’s Dual Code Hypothesis Storage Atkinson-Shiffrin **Sensory Memory **Short Term Memory **Long-Term Memory Iconic Memory Echoic Memory George Sperling George Miller 7 plus or minus negative 2 *Chunking **Rehearsal Eidetic Imagery **Working Memory Phonological Loop *Visuospatial working memory *Central executive *H.M. *Explicit Memory (declarative memory) *Episodic memory *Semantic Memory *Implicit (non declarative) memory *Procedural Memory **Priming Ideomotoring Hierarchies Semantic Networks Schemas Scripts Connectionism Parallel distributed processing (PDP) Nodes Long-Term Potentiation *Hippocampus, temporal lobes, and other areas of the limbic system, cerebellum *Retrieval *Serial Position Effect *Primacy Effect *Recency effect **Recall and Recognition Encoding specificity principle Context dependent memory State dependent memory Autobiographical memory *Flashbulb Memories **Repressed memories *Motivation forgetting *Herman Ebbinghaus Nonsense syllables Interference theory *Proactive interference *Retroactive interference Decay theory Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon Retrospective memory Prospective memory Anterograde Amnesia Retrograde Amnesia Method of Loci Keyword method Acronyms *Memory and aging Chapter 9: **Cognitive Psychology Artificial Intelligence
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**Cognition **Thinking Concepts Classical model Prototype model *Problem Solving Find and Frame problem Subgoaling *Algorithms *Heuristics Fixation *Functional Fixedness *Reasoning *Inductive reasoning *Deductive reasoning **Decision Making *Confirmation Bias *Hindsight Bias *Availability Heuristic **Critical Thinking *Mindfulness *Open-Mindedness *Creativity Divergent thinking Convergent thinking Characteristics of creative individuals Expertise **Intelligence *Reliability *Standardization *Validity Criterion Validity *IQ Tests Mental age Alfred Binet Intelligence Quotient *Normal Distribution *Cultural Bias *Culture-fair tests **Heritability Heritability index Flynn Effect Giftedness Lewis Terman
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Final_Review_Sheet_1__chapters_8-16 - Introduction to...

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