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1 ee422c software design and implementation II (formerly: ee322c data structures) sarfraz khurshid august 26, 2010 (in collaboration with herb krasner) lecture 1 announcements read syllabus before next class topics for today • course/syllabus overview • some fun stuff :) 2 blackboard courses.utexas.edu course web-page slides handouts problem sets 3 ... the teaching team instructor • sarfraz khurshid • email: khurshid@ece.utexas.edu • office: ACES 5.120 • office hours: TTh 2-3pm (and by appointment) TA 4 • razieh nokhbeh zaeem • email: nokhbeh@gmail.com • office hours: TBD Additional TA’s in ENS 307 lab EE422C in Context software design and software engineering systems software introductory programming in C 5 implementation II (in java) other non ECE areas other ECE areas embedded systems goals for this class (1) how to create appropriate abstractions (e.g., procedural and data) to solve complex programming problems a practical understanding of a variety of common data structures • when and where they are applicable, and how to use them 6 knowledge of the advanced constructs of a high level programming language (java)
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2 goals for this class (2) a good understanding of basic software engineering principles and practices • how to analyze a problem? • how to design a system? • how to write good code (conforming to style standards)? 7 • how to design and test for correctness? • how to analyze program performance? prepare you to use this knowledge in future courses that require you to develop software/hardware systems high points of syllabus prerequisite, EE312C programming • if no prereq or doesn't seem prereq met, see me you are responsible for all materials presented in classes, whether you attend or not • material presented in class is in addition to the book. 8 the purpose of the lecture notes is to help you listen in class ONLY textbook: data structures and problem solving using java, 4th edition by mark allen weiss, ISBN 0321541405. schedule highlights today is our first formal lecture there will be three in-class exams • tentative dates: s ep 30, nov 2, dec 2 programming assignments (about 4) will come out throughout the semester 9 java programming our first topic of study is java; what’s different from C (or C++) we will be doing all programming assignments in the java programming language computer resources available 10 • you can also get a Java compiler and do assignments at home; but your code must compile/execute on ENS
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Lec1 Course Syllabus - lecture 1 announcements ee422c...

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