Lec7 OO Inheritance - 9/16/2010 Todays Announcements EE322C...

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9/16/2010 1 EE322C Data Structures Sarfraz Khurshid Lecture 7 Sep 16, 2010 Today’s Announcements Assignment 1 code due: sunday, 11:59pm Exam 1 on Sep 30, 12:30pm, in class Today continue OO basics OO inheritance inner classes Scoping Resolution When resolving a variable, say “x”: First: try to find a local variable with that name Second: try to find a parameter with that name Third: try to find a field with that name in the class Fourth: try to find a global variable with that name Last: Give up and print an error message “no such variable” Example usage of BankAccount BankAccount class Driver (client) Program class Models bank accounts. It defines the instance variables, and Uses the BankAccount class to create and manipulate bank methods to be used on all objects created from this class account objects. The main method is in here. Program BankAccountDriver.java public class BankAccountDriver { public static void main (String[ ] args) { BankAccount myAccount = new BankAccount(10000); final double INTEREST_RATE = 5.0; int years = 10; double interest; // compute and add in interest for 10 years for ( int i =1; i <= years; i++) { interest = myAccount.getBalance ( ) * INTEREST_RATE / 100; myAccount.deposit(interest); System. out .println( "Balance after year " + i + " is $" + myAccount.getBalance( )); } } } OO Design Tips Separate the definition of a class from the use of that class Nouns in the problem statement are candidates
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Lec7 OO Inheritance - 9/16/2010 Todays Announcements EE322C...

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