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ME451_S10_lab1_experiment - OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 451...

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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 451 - INTRODUCTION TO INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS Lab Experiment Guidelines – Accelerometer Lab – Spring 2010 Develop a LabVIEW computer program and conduct an experiment according to these guidelines. Note : The accelerometer signal conditioning module in our new Compact DAQ system does not support the low sampling rates required for this experiment. Instead, you will collect data at a higher rate and simulate low-rate sampling by selecting values at appropriate intervals from within the data stream. We will assist you in developing code within LabVIEW to accomplish this task. 1. Computer program. a. Write LabVIEW code that continuously collects accelerometer data, determines the power spectrum using FFT, and finds the frequencies of the fundamental vibration mode, and the next two higher frequency modes. b. Display the waveform and the power spectrum graphically on the front panel, along with a numerical indicator that displays the frequencies of the modes.
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