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ME451_S10_lab2_experiment - strain difference b Part 2...

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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 451 - INTRODUCTION TO INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS Lab Experiment Guidelines – Strain and Force Lab – Spring 2010 Develop a LabVIEW computer program and conduct an experiment according to these guidelines. 1. Computer program. a. Develop a LabVIEW program that performs strain gauge nulling, shunt calibration of the strain channel, and live display of the strain magnitude. b. You will also need to write data to a file as the beam is held at fixed end displacements. Enter this manually through a front panel control. 2. Experiment. a. Part 1: Strain gauge and load cell set-up. i. Document the nulling process by illustrating before-and-after strain values. ii. Document the shunt calibration process by recording the bridge output voltages (or strains) with and without the shunt resistor in the circuit, the voltage (or strain) difference, and the ratio of expected-to-measured voltage (or
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Unformatted text preview: strain) difference. b. Part 2: Repeat measurements of strain at fixed end displacements. i. Take the beam through a sequence of fixed displacements (5 total) from zero applied displacement to some reasonable maximum value for your set-up. ii. Repeat the displacement sequence 7 times, recording data for each run. iii. Document measurement drift by recording the values of strain after all the measurements are complete and the beam is unloaded. 3. Analysis a. Develop equations that predict strain at the location of the gage as a function of end displacement . Note1 : Use SI units throughout your work. Note2: You will be asked to do uncertainty analysis for your calculations. Make sure you have enough information to do this. See that “Uncertainty Analysis” document on the website....
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