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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 454 - DYNAMIC MECHANICAL SYSTEMS LABORATORY Task 1 – Project Plan – Winter 2010 Note: In these documents I will present in detail my expectations for the project tasks. If you meet these expectations you will receive a B-range grade. If you work with distinction and exceed expectations, you will receive an A-range grade. Work that does not meet expectations will receive a C-range grade. Please clarify as we go along if it is unclear what I am asking for. General Task Description The first lab task is development of an overall plan for the term project. The plan is not expected to include exact details of implementation, and is subject to revision, but it should describe an overall framework for work throughout the term. This is a chance to look ahead, organize your efforts, and develop a project schematic. LabVIEW Program Your LabVIEW program will develop through a combined top-down, bottom-up approach. Top-down refers to planning of the overall program implementation and control scheme independent of specific coding details. Bottom-up refers to the small functional blocks of computer code that, when properly integrated together,
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ME454_W10_Task_1_Project_Plan - OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME...

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