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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 454 - DYNAMIC MECHANICAL SYSTEMS LABORATORY Task 1 – Project Plan – Report Guidelines – Winter 2010 Due: Friday, January 22, 2010 Overall Project Goals Your project for the term is development of an autonomous data acquisition system for investigation of dynamic system performance (a front suspension bicycle). Data will be compared with the predictions of a dynamic system model. Plan for three types of sensors: 1) acceleeroeters, 2) linear displacement tranducers, and 3) quadrature encoders. For the purposes of project planning, consider two basic types of experiments: 1. Short timeframe experiments with waveform data collected and stored at high rates; 2. Long timeframe experiments with high rate data collected and reduced into simple metrics. For this initial Project Planning phase, please briefly document your efforts by turning in a brief written report containing the following elements.
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