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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 454 - DYNAMIC MECHANICAL SYSTEMS LABORATORY Task 2 – Accelerometers – Report Guidelines – Winter 2010 Due: Monday, February 8, 2010 (turn in at beginning of lecture) Overall For the Accelerometer phase of the project, you are beginning to bring the three main elements of the project into functional form. Please document your efforts by turning in a brief written report containing the following elements. LabVIEW Program 1. Document your LabVIEW Project with the following: a. Show the Project File fully expanded in the Project Explorer window, and explain the various hardware and software resources listed there. Make sure you identify the resources that support the accelerometers, and any switches or indicators that you have implemented. b. Illustrate your developing RealTime code by showing the front panel and block diagrams. c. Expand the code-independent block diagram of overall program organization, and describe how the code will functions. Also describe how someone will use the code.
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