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OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME 454 - DYNAMIC MECHANICAL SYSTEMS LABORATORY Task 3 – Shock Travel – Winter 2010 Overall The third project phase introduces a new transducer and begins to synthesize the overall project goals. The new transducer is a linear potentiometer for measurement of shock travel. Your team will need to find technical documentation for the device, and get it installed and working. Pay particular attention to the requirements for voltage supply to the device, and control of current through the device. Note: The melted rechargeable battery pack in the lab was created by a group that decided to provide voltage to their linear potentiometer directly from the battery. They didn’t realize that when their shock was compressed during normal riding the resistance of the potentiometer was very small, effectively shorting the battery and drawing large currents. Do not do this. Control current through the potentiometer, and allow switching off of the voltage source. Consult with Kevin about the details. For the synthesis component of the task, we want to collect data that can be directly compared with modeling
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ME454_W10_Task_3_Shock_Travel - OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY ME...

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