scan engine set-up

scan engine set-up - Using the NI Scan Engine(ETS VxWorks...

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LabVIEW 2009 Help Edition Date: June 2009 Part Number: 371361F-01 » View Product Info Cart | Help You are here: NI Home > Support > Product Reference > Manuals > LabVIEW 2009 Help Using the NI Scan Engine (ETS, VxWorks, Windows) » Table of Contents The NI Scan Engine enables efficient single-point access to sets of data channels, such as I/O channels, using a scan that stores data in a global memory map and updates all values at a single rate, known as the scan period. The NI Scan Engine installs on LabVIEW for Windows by default. You also can install the NI Scan Engine on supported LabVIEW targets, such as RT Series PXI and CompactRIO targets. Refer to the specific hardware device documentation for information about NI Scan Engine support. (Real-Time Module) By default, the NI Scan Engine runs in a thread above time-critical priority on RT targets, although LabVIEW includes the scan thread in the time-critical category when reporting CPU usage statistics. When running the NI Scan Engine at above time-critical priority, you must synchronize the deterministic sections of the application with the scan period to ensure that the scan thread does not affect the determinism of the application. For applications in which I/O is not the highest-priority task, you also can configure the priority of the scan engine to fall between time-critical and Timed Structure priority. If you do not plan to use I/O variables on a target, do not install the NI Explorer (MAX) to uninstall the NI Scan Engine. Note (Windows) The only NI Scan Engine priority available on Windows is normal priority. Because of the non-deterministic nature of the Windows operating system, the timing of the NI Scan Engine is not guaranteed when
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scan engine set-up - Using the NI Scan Engine(ETS VxWorks...

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