anarchism - genuin freedom protect from foreign attac??...

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1ANARCHISM(chomsky) I. Animating Principle : Do away with shackles of coercive authority does not = chaos free society black clothes emma goldman: most famous anarchist of america noam chunsky: anarchista famous II. Origin of Anarchism as a Political Movement split between stastist socialist(marx) : government serves the people versus decentralized socialists(bakunin): decentralized workers community, anarchist: against all kind of centralized state, III. Core Values of Anarchism individual liberty and development: like classical liberals, but they take it really seriously.- participatory governance: active participation in government: workplace, like education, healthcare,. ..- tipo confederazione, con potere disperso oppose centralized state: too much power in one place, entity. .. oppose all concentrations of power, including MNC: private power also, it is a threat to
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Unformatted text preview: genuin freedom protect from foreign attac?? citizen based, own support IV. How Anarchist Ideas Can Inspire Us in America: powerful critique of US system:see Zinn Egalitarian vision of political activism moral vision of change: foster free cooperative communities ((offers a good critique to american regime, people history of the US, hipocricy of american political sistem, dont trust the government activism and protest: dont count on powerful leaders and organisations that lead creative protests, direct action(slavery), Mayday(dia del trabajo) viene de un anarchist union.)) V. Word to Modern Liberals VI. Word to Tea Party VII. Advice for Americans Now : greater participatory descentralisation: education, workplace, etc. tea-party, more meaningful idea of what the treats really are(...
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anarchism - genuin freedom protect from foreign attac??...

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