Traditional American Conservatism

Traditional American Conservatism - development of american...

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Traditional American Conservatism: virtue(the C word, christianity), economic nationalism, indipendence. Animating Principle: love for the community . Core Values a. preserving our traditional beliefs(christianity): conventional marriages, family, respect for authority, small town, farms, religious trads. b. partiotism: love our country c. small government: federal governments d. healthy civic associations: churches,and other org, neiborhood clubs, private philantropy e. sovereignty: indipendence f. economic Nationalism: keep business in the american community, trade policies(no free trade, protectionism of american jobs) g. indipendent, humble foreign policy: based in humilita, protect american intrests a. Successes and Failures of American Trad Conservatism Popularity of conservative ideas : america remains a religious country, strong civic associations, Crisis of values by 1960: "proud to be a Okie" : sex, drugs, desrespect for police, law and police, gays rise of big government in 20th century:
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Unformatted text preview: development of american sector, military industrial sector(bad) • Hijacking of American Conservative Movement In Last 40 Years • Pseudo big money conservatives : more freedom fore big chips • empire-loving neocons: dont recreate an empire(=english) bush? Why Criticisms from Trad. Conservatives are better than criticisms from Far Left On war: not looking for peace, want to make sure that war goes on onli to protect national intrest, not try to change the world(arrogance) On big business: no conflict between workers and management, all serving common intrest, no conflicts because we are all americans, thy dont like the global enterprises(business pro america) The Way Back Home Renewed support of american values: marriage, religion manage immigration: gradual sensitive matter revive economic nationalism: salir de los tlc, bus. serve the community be a republic, not an empire: Appeal To Tea Party: Follow Us...
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Traditional American Conservatism - development of american...

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