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HW090203HW5 - th Street and Ramp A is a 3-way stop...

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Homework 5 MUTCD Exercise 1. Draw the proposed striping for a new 4 lane highway (2 lanes in each direction) with a center turn lane (fifth lane). Label the colors and stripe lengths and spaces. 2. Lay out the striping for the west bound interstate lanes and ramps shown below. Each arrow represents a lane of traffic. Be sure to label the colors and lengths. Label any tapers or other needed dimensions. I suggest redrawing this. The posted speed of I-66 is 55 mph and the ramps are 40 mph. The ramps are about 2 miles apart. 3. Using the Figure from problem #2, assume that 3 miles east of Ramp A, I-66 begins at mile post 0. Assume the intersection of 6
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Unformatted text preview: th Street and Ramp A is a 3-way stop controlled intersection. Indicate what signs are needed, and where you would place them, include signs for the West bound direction from mile post 0 to 1 mile west of Ramp A. Assume the next exit after Ramp A is Horizon City and that city is 20 miles past Ramp A. Indicate whether the signs are ground mounted or overhead mounted. Draw each sign panel and indicate the message and colors (sign size and text spacing is not needed). Note any assumptions you make. Ramp From 2nd Avenue Ramp A to 6 th Street (also provides access to Presidential Library) N I-66 Not to scale...
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