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Caretaker government of Bangladesh From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Chief Adviser of Bangladesh Caretaker Government of Bangladesh Style Chief Adviser Appointer President of Bangladesh Term length 120 days Website [1] The caretaker government of Bangladesh ( Bengali :   H   I ) is a form of government system in which the country is ruled by a selected government for an interim period during transition from one government to another, after the completion tenure of the former. As the outgoing government hands over their power, the caretaker government comes into place. The main objective of the caretaker government is to create an environment in which an election can be held in a free and fair manner without any political influence of the outgoing government. The head of the Caretaker government is called the Chief Adviser and is selected by the President, and the Chief Adviser selects the other advisers. The administration is generally distributed between the advisers. The Chief Adviser and the other advisers are committed for their activities to the President.
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Contents 1 History 2 Caretak er Govern ment of 2006- 08 3 Reform s 4 Reactio ns 5 Chief Adviser s since 1991 6 See also 7 Externa l links [ edit ] History A caretaker government was first introduced in 1990 when three party alliances jointly made a demand for it. It was constitutionalized in 1996 by the Parliament dominated by Bangladesh Nationalist Party . A Caretaker government is headed by a Chief Adviser who enjoys the same power as the regular prime minister of the country except defence matters. The Advisors function as Ministers. Since 1996, the Caretaker government
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Caretaker_government_of_Bangladesh - Caretaker government...

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