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All four of the e-government initiatives that GAO reviewed have made progress in meeting the objectives and milestones of their early phases (the four initiatives, their goals, and the agencies that act as their managing partners are shown in the table). Two of the initiatives have established Web portals— www.geodata.gov for the Geospatial One-Stop initiative and www.BusinessLaw.gov for the Business Gateway. The projects face additional challenging tasks, such as e-Payroll’s objective of establishing governmentwide payroll processing standards and Geospatial One-Stop’s goal of compiling a comprehensive inventory of geospatial data holdings. All four initiatives have taken steps to promote collaboration with their partner agencies, but none has been fully effective in involving all important stakeholders. For example, for the e-Payroll initiative, the Office of Personnel Management has taken steps to promote close collaboration with its four designated e-Payroll providers, but has not addressed the concerns of a key stakeholder that will be required to make changes to its payroll processes and policies. For Geospatial One-Stop, Interior has established a
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