ict - Lack of infrastructure impedes ICT growth By Ziaur...

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Lack of infrastructure impedes ICT growth By Ziaur Rahman Like many other developing countries, diffusion of information technology (IT) is being severely restricted in Bangladesh because of poor telecommunication infrastructure, limited fixed-line access, unreliable connectivity and inadequate bandwidth. "Lack of infrastructural facilities and proper policy support still remains as one of the major barriers to translating the potentials of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into a reality," said Akhtaruzzaman Manju, president of ISP Association of Bangladesh. Although the country has been connected with Internet through a number of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), the performances of these have been severely handicapped by the poor quality of telecommunication system. The use of computer started in Bangladesh in 1964 when the Atomic Energy Commission installed a mainframe computer. Computers began to be used commercially from mid 1980s and since then it has come to a long way and the last few years in particular have witnessed tremendous advancement in the use of computers. Due to government incentives like exemption of duties on import of computers and their accessories, a vibrant hardware market has developed in Bangladesh and the prices of ICT hardware have come down substantially over the last few years. This trend helped in rapid expansion of ICT use in business and also at the household level. With deregulation of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), an exponential growth of ISP services took place in recent days. At present, there are some 61 Internet service providers in the country with VSAT connectivity-mostly through Hong Kong and Singapore.
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ict - Lack of infrastructure impedes ICT growth By Ziaur...

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