The promise of e-government - From January 4 to 6 the...

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– 1 – From January 4 to 6, the research firms of Peter D. Hart and Robert M. Teeter conducted a nationally representative survey among 1,017 American adults for the Council for Excellence in Government. The survey findings have a margin of error of 3.1%. The Internet revolution is just beginning to heat up. The promise of “e-government” could transform how Americans obtain government services and information, interact with their elected representatives, and become involved as citizens. Research conducted in August 2000 for the Council ( indicated that while many Americans were unfamiliar with the term “e-government,” the public sees great potential in the government using technologies. The public’s vision of governmental use of technologies goes beyond a more efficient government that offers accessible high-quality services on-line, to a more informed and empowered citizenry and a more accountable government. The August survey also revealed that the public is concerned with the security of information on the Internet, and so they would prefer that the government proceed slowly rather than quickly in developing e-government. This survey clearly indicates that despite their concerns about the Internet, Americans continue to be enthusiastic about e-government. The public wants to see the government make better use of the Internet and other technologies, and they are looking to the new president to realize the promise of e- government by making it a top priority for his administration.
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– 2 – E-G OVERNMENT IS A H IGH P RIORITY Widespread use of government Web sites has laid a broad foundation of public support for e- government; i.e., using the Internet and other technologies to increase the availability of services and information. About three in four (73%) Americans believe that the new administration should put e-
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The promise of e-government - From January 4 to 6 the...

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