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1ST_README - This dir contains original Matlab functions...

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This dir contains original Matlab functions from the EEGLAB (formerly ICA/EEG) Matlab toolbox, all released under the Gnu public license (see eeglablicence.txt). See the EEGLAB tutorial and reference paper (URLs given below) for more information. Sub-directories: /functions - All distributed EEGLAB functions (admin, sigproc, pop, misc) /plugins - Directory to place all downloaded EEGLAB plug-ins. dipfit (1.0) is present by default /sample_data - Miscellaneous EEGLAB data using in tutorials and references /sample_locs - Miscellaneous standard channel location files (10-10, 10-20) See the EEGLAB web site http://sccn.ucsd.edu/eeglab/ for more. To use EEGLAB: 1. Place the Matlab functions in a directory ($DIR) and add $DIR/eeglab4.x to (Unix) your matlabpath environment variable. Else, within Matlab >> addpath('full_path_here') 2. Optional: Edit file "icadefs.m" under the function directory to specify the location of the faster binary "ica" function (equivalent to Matlab runica() and called from within Matlab by binica()). This requires a (recommended) separate download from
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