eeglab - eeglab Matlab graphic user interface environment...

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Unformatted text preview: % eeglab() - Matlab graphic user interface environment for % electrophysiological data analysis incorporating the ICA/EEG toolbox % (Makeig et al.) developed at CNL / The Salk Institute, 1997-2001. % Released 11/2002- as EEGLAB (Delorme, Makeig, et al.) at the Swartz Center % for Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation, % University of California San Diego ( % User feedback welcome: email [email protected] % % Authors: Arnaud Delorme and Scott Makeig, with substantial contributions % from Colin Humphries, Sigurd Enghoff, Tzyy-Ping Jung, plus % contributions % from Tony Bell, Te-Won Lee, Luca Finelli and many other contributors. % % Description: % EEGLAB is Matlab-based software for processing continuous or event-related % EEG or other physiological data. It is designed for use by both novice and % expert Matlab users. In normal use, the EEGLAB graphic interface calls % graphic functions via pop-up function windows. The EEGLAB history mechanism % can save the resulting Matlab calls to disk for later incorporation into % Matlab scripts. A single data structure ('EEG') containing all dataset % parameters may be accessed and modified directly from the Matlab commandline. % EEGLAB now recognizes "plugins," sets of EEGLAB functions linked to the EEGLAB % main menu through an "eegplugin_[name].m" function (Ex. >> help eeplugin_besa.m). % % Usage: 1) To (re)start EEGLAB, type % >> eeglab % Ignores any loaded datasets % 2) To redaw and update the EEGLAB interface, type % >> eeglab redraw % Scans for non-empty datasets % >> eeglab rebuild % Closes and rebuilds the EEGLAB window % >> eeglab versions % State EEGLAB version number % % >> type "license.txt" % the GNU public license % >> web % the EEGLAB tutorial % >> help eeg_checkset % the EEG dataset structure % % Main files: % ---------- % eeglab() - main graphic interface % license.txt - GNU license % % Functions added to EEGLAB: % -------------------------------------------------------------------- % cell2mat() - cell to matrix, overwrites neural network toolbox function % compvar() - compute component variance % convolve() - smart conv2 (fewer boundary problems) % del2map() - compute a surface Laplacian transform of the data % eegplot() - scrolling multichannel data viewer (with data rejection) % eegplot2event() - process data rejection info from eegplot() % eegplot2trial() - process eegplot() rejection info % eegrej() - reject portions of continuous eeg data % eegthresh() - simple thresholding method % entropy() - compute component entropy % epoch() - extract epochs from a continuous dataset % fastif() - fast if function % gabor2d() - 2D Gabor matrix % gauss2d() - 2D Gauss matrix % getallmenus() - retrieve all menus of a GUI % gradmap() - compute the gradient of a map % h() - EEGLAB history function % help2html() - help header to HTML file conversion % inputgui() - function to program GUI (replace inputdlg) % jointprob()...
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eeglab - eeglab Matlab graphic user interface environment...

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