304_Hw2_Probability_Bayes - CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering Homework #2 Due: Monday, Sept. 3, 2007, at CEE_304 lecture . Read: Sections of Devore 2.1-2.5 for this week. Please start thinking about problem # 106 <D6 104> after Wednesday’s lecture . Goal: Devore Chapter 2 introduces the mathematical formulation of probability. This homework addresses that material. The last problem is harder. It is an opportunity to test your understanding more deeply; you must recast a “real” problem into a form that you can solve. The ActivStats assignment from chapter 15 looks ahead to introduce the idea of a random variable which will be developed in lectures 5-8 and in Chapter 3 of Devore. ActivStats assignment in chapter 14 is mostly fun. ASSIGNMENT Page numbers are for Edition 7 of Devore. ADD 10% for Edition 7 page numbers. Problem numbers are for both editions except where differences are noted <D6>. ActivStats Lessons (a) Look at the three activities on page 15-1 describing discrete and continuous random variables. What are the answers from the three sets of word match challenges under the 3rd variables....
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304_Hw2_Probability_Bayes - CEE 304 - Uncertainty Analysis...

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