elec_3Dspace2brainstorm - function [Channel] =

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function [Channel] = elec_3dspace2brainstorm(filename,N,bsfile) % elec_3dspace2brainstorm - Convert NeuroScan 3Dspace ascii to brainstorm file % % The ascii file format is that of NeuroScan 3Dspace export files. Each row % of the file comprises an electrode label, an electrode type code, and % the x,y,z coordinates (cm). Each field is separated by spaces. See % ELEC_LOAD for more information. % % Useage: Channel = elec_3dspace2brainstorm(filename,[N],[brainstormfile]) % % where: file = 'path\filename' with format described in ELEC_LOAD % % N is how many electrodes to load (rows of 3Dspace file, 129 default). % % Result: Channel is an array of structures. The fields are: % % Loc - a 3x2 matrix of electrode coordinates (x,y,z in rows). % BrainStorm (x,y,z meters) = 3Dspace (x,y,z cm) / 100. % Orient - a corresponding matrix of sensor orientations (MEG); % all zero for EEG. % Weight - a vector of relative or absolute weights (eg, amplification); % all ones for this routine. % Type
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elec_3Dspace2brainstorm - function [Channel] =

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