elec_coregister - function[T = fiducial_coregister(P,Q...

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function [T] = fiducial_coregister(P,Q) % fiducial_coregister - Determine fiducial points coregistration % % [T] = fiducial_coregister(P,Q) % % P is [3x3], three points in Cartesian XYZ % Q is [3x3], three points in Cartesian XYZ % % This function 3D rotates and translates P into % the space of Q. The method is described in % this m file, developed from Mortenson, M. (1985), % pp. 353-355. % % The return 4x4 matrix (T) contains a 3x3 rotation % matrix in the upper left and a 1x3 translation % row vector in the bottom row. The last column contains % a projection vector in T(1:3,4)(all zeros here) and % the scalar at T(4,4) is a homogeneous coordinate scale % factor, usually 1. % % Using this T matrix: % to get P values in the space of Q, % P2Q = [P,ones(size(P,1),1)] * T; % to get Q values in the space of P, % Q2P = [Q,ones(size(Q,1),1)] * inv(T); % % In this manner, the rotation and translation is % applied to any Nx3 points in relation to P space. % % For use in coregistration of electrodes to a scalp % P(1,:) is the electrode nasion XYZ % P(2,:) is the electrode right preauricular XYZ % P(3,:) is the electrode left preauricular XYZ % Similarly: % Q(1,:) is the scalp mesh nasion XYZ % Q(2,:) is the scalp mesh right preauricular XYZ
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elec_coregister - function[T = fiducial_coregister(P,Q...

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