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function [Cos] = elec_cosines(A,B) % elec_cosines - Compute cosine of angle between electrode position vectors % % Usage: [Cos] = elec_cosines(A,B) % % A,B both Nx3 (X,Y,Z) electrode coordinates % assuming a common origin at (0,0,0) % COS % If A is Nx3 and B is Mx3, COS is NxM. % % Note: For a complete cosine matrix, let A = B. % % $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2009/04/28 22:13:54 $ % Licence: GNU GPL, no implied or express warranties % History: 08/2001, Darren.Weber_at_radiology.ucsf.edu % 01/2004, Darren.Weber_at_radiology.ucsf.edu % cos(0) = 1, not cos(0) = 0 at line 43 ??? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% eegversion = '$Revision: 1.1 $'; fprintf('ELEC_COSINES [v %s]\n',eegversion(11:15));
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Unformatted text preview: if isempty(A), error('Input matrix A is empty\n'); end if isempty(B), error('Input matrix B is empty\n'); end As = size(A); if ~isequal(As(2),3), if isequal(As(1),3), A = A'; else error('Input matrix A should be Nx3 [x y z] coordinates\n'); end end Bs = size(B); if ~isequal(Bs(2),3), if isequal(Bs(1),3), B = B'; else error('Input matrix B should be Nx3 [x y z] coordinates\n'); end end fprintf('. ..calculating cosines\n'); tic for a = 1:size(A,1), Aa = A(a,:); A_len = norm(Aa); for b = 1:size(B,1), Bb = B(b,:); B_len = norm(Bb); Cos(a,b) = dot(Aa,Bb) / (A_len * B_len); end end t=toc; fprintf('. ..done (%6.2f sec)\n\n',t); return...
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