elec_distance - function [labels, distances] =

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function [labels, distances] = elec_distance(elec_labels,X,Y,Z,xo,yo,zo) % elec_distance - Calculates spherical interelectrode distances (arc length). % % Usage: [labels, distances] = elec_distance(elec_labels,X,Y,Z,xo,yo,zo) % % Notes: Arc length method assumes a centroid at (xo,yo,zo) = (0,0,0) % and input values are in rectangular Cartesian coordinates. % % Sphere radius is estimated by the average radius from % (xo,yo,zo) to any 2 pairs of electrodes. It will vary % from one pair to another, but this method works well for % small theta (eg, nearest neighbours). % % Returns 2 matrices, one for paired electrode labels and % another for spherical arc length estimates. % % $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2009/04/28 22:13:54 $ % Author: Darren.Weber_at_radiology.ucsf.edu % Created: 18/05/00 - linear distance % Modified: 24/06/01 - spherical arc length (should be OK for small theta % but for large theta, elliptical arc length may be % preferable). % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % initialise centroid, unless input parameters defined
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elec_distance - function [labels, distances] =

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