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ACC 5160 – Managerial Accounting Wayne State University Fall 2010 – Section 001 – Reference #12617 Instructor: Dr. Maef Woods Office: Room 205 Rands House Telephone: 313-577-0470 e-mail: Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00PM – 5:00PM and by appointment Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:25PM-2:50PM; State Hall 224 Prerequisite: ACC 3020 – Intro: Managerial Accounting with a minimum grade of C Required Materials : Textbook: Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis 5 th edition ISBN: 978-0-07-352694-2 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2010 Basic, non-programmable calculator Access to Blackboard Recommended : Cost/Managerial Accounting: Exam Questions and Explanations 9 th edition ISBN: 1-58194-751-9 Publisher: Gleim, 2009 The Online Learning Center for the textbook is: . At this website you will find additional resources including PowerPoint slides, Excel templates and tutorials, check figures for end-of-chapter exercises and problems, online quizzes, and a links to professional resources. Course Description : Focusing on the role of the management accountant as an integral part of a firm’s management team, ACC 5160 provides the undergraduate Accounting student with a solid foundation in concepts and techniques pertinent to analyzing, managing, and accounting for costs. The role of management accounting in supporting an organization’s strategy will be emphasized. Topics and methods covered will be considered from the standpoint of how they help the organization to succeed. The course highlights manufacturing firms but also shows the relevance of cost management to other types of organizations. Special emphasis is placed on the solution of homework problems that give the student a chance to apply concepts covered in the textbook and lectures. 1
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Learning Objectives : 1. You will understand how the managerial accounting function fits into an organization’s overall decision-making structure. 2. You will be able to trace the flow of costs in manufacturing, merchandising, and service organizations. 3. You will be able to distinguish between fixed and variable costs, and be able to analyze how these costs impact decisions. 4. You will understand the commonly-used methods of cost accumulation. 5. You will be able to develop a basic activity-based costing system. 6. You will be able to identify which costs are relevant to specific types of decisions. 7. You will be able to analyze cost behavior and cost variance from standard in a manufacturing setting. 8. You will develop a comprehensive knowledge about the budgetary process. 9. You will be familiar with ethical considerations in the performance of managerial accounting functions. 10. You will be familiar with and have experience using a number of sources of relevant
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ACC5160-F10-Syllabus-S (1) - ACC 5160 Managerial Accounting...

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