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Research Case #1 For this assignment, you should consult the FASB’s GAAP Codification. How to get access to the Accounting Standards Codification: Go to Enter the user name “AAA52009” and password “Sp19c5r”. Click “FASB Accounting Standards Codification”. And you’re in. Use the menus for the table of contents down the left hand side or the search box in the upper right. Please answer the following questions by reference to the GAAP Codification database. The format of database references is generally in an XXX-XX-XX format. If, for instance, the question was: “Does a company need to record a liability for paid vacation days that its employees will take in the future?” you might punch “vacation” into the search field. And after clicking through a few of the hits to find what you’re looking for, you might answer: “According to GAAP Codification section 710-25-10-1, a liability should be reported for paid vacations (compensated absences) if they are earned as a result of service already
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