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Outline for “Obedience” video Definitions: Obedience – complying with the commands of an authority figure Conformity – going along with your peers “Obedience” video: Experimental situation – Various adult males… think they’re working in an experiment to test methods of ‘learning’ –punishment helps them to learn? Social structure of situation; roles played by the parties – One is assigned to be the ‘teacher’ and the other is designed to be the ‘learner.’ The teacher asks questions—the listener answers Commands given by the Experimenter to the subject (the “Teacher”) – Read list of 2 associated words… then read just the first word…. And 4 other answers… Punishments for wrong answers in increasing voltages. Symbol on “shock generator” for strongest shock (450 volts) – X X X How was obedience measured? – The teacher listening or not listening to the experimenter’s instructions to continue the shocks – many gave up as soon as the learner started to complain…
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Unformatted text preview: one after he stopped answering-- but others continued as they were told to 450 and beyond… • Indicator of Subject’s (Teacher’s) emotional discomfort – Refusal to comply based on the reaction of the ‘learner’ Nervous laughter** – but not ‘sadistic’ laughter • Situations in which “Teachers” became less obedient to experimenter’s commands – When they would refuse to continue the experiment because of the learner’s discomfort… When experimenter got farther away, or the learner got closer to the teacher. • Investigator’s conclusions, based on results of study – 10% administered the highest shocks. 50% completed the experiment as required (all the way to 450 volts) When the learner was more visible… the teacher listened less. When the experimenter was less visible… they listened less. ‘Human nature cannot be counted on in lieu of authority.’...
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