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The cell drawn below is about to enter meiosis following an S phase. A dominant allele of gene A has been placed on one chromatid. Answer the questions below, concerning this cell. 1. What is the diploid number of chromosomes in this species? 4 2. The A allele is dominant to a . The individual from which this cell was obtained is heterozygous at the gene. Indicate the appropriate placement on the drawing of all copies of the A and alleles. See above c. Gene B is linked to gene A. The individual from which this cell was obtained is homozygous for a dominant allele, B . Place all alleles of in the appropriate positions on the chromosomes. See above d. Gene C assorts independently from genes and , and is heterozygous for one dominant and one recessive allele of this gene. Place all alleles of this gene in appropriate positions in the drawing.
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Unformatted text preview: See above e. At what stage of meiosis will gene C assort independently from genes and ? Anaphase I. Metaphase I is also acceptable since orientation at metaphase is the basis for assortment in anaphase I. f. At what stage of meiosis will alleles and segregate? Anaphase I – when homologs move apart. 2. The following diagrams represent cells undergoing some form of cell division. The organism from which the cells are derived has a diploid chromosome number of 4. For each cell, indicate whether it is in mitosis, meiosis I or meiosis II and which stage the figure shows. Cell division? Cell division? Cell division? Meiosis I Mitosis Meiosis II Stage? Stage? Stage? Metaphase I Prophase Anaphase II [paired homologs] [Homologs are not paired] [Sister chromatids separating] A a a B B B B C C c c...
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