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Makeup exam 1key

Makeup exam 1key - 1 MAKE-UP EXAM 1 1 Which of the...

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1 MAKE-UP EXAM 1 1. Which of the following statements applies to homologous chromosomes? A. They are attached to the same centromere. B. They are genetically identical. C. They contain the same genes in the same order but may have different alleles of some genes. D. They segregate from each other at anaphase of mitosis. E. More than one statement applies to homologous chromatids. Non-sister chromatids are attached to different centromeres, do not necessarily contain the same alleles of each gene, do not segregate in mitosis since every daughter cell has a copy of each of the homologous pair. The only possible answer is C. 2. Mitosis results in _______ in chromosome number while meiosis results in ______ chromosome number. A. a doubling of, no change in B. no change in, no change in C. a reduction by half in, no change in D. no change in, a reduction by half in E. no change in, a doubling of Chromosome numbers in daughter cells after mitosis are the same as the parent cell. Meiosis results in each daughter cell having only ½ the number of chromosomes since meiosis includes a reduction division. 3. Somatic cells of chimpanzees contain 48 chromosomes. How many chromatids (total) are present in the cell at anaphase II of meiosis? In meiosis II, only one homolog of each pair is present in each daughter cell. However, there are still two sister chromatids for each of the remaining 24 chromosomes, or 48 chromatids. 4. In Drosophila, the recessive allele for forked bristles is X-linked, and the recessive allele for purple eyes is autosomal. The wild-type alleles are for straight bristles and red eyes, respectively. A female, heterozygous for both pairs of alleles, is mated with a male with forked bristles and purple eyes. What percentage of the daughters will have forked bristles and purple eyes? Female: f + /f; pr+ /pr x male f/ Y; pr/pr.
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