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A A A A Aug. 20, 2010 Name: 1. The diagram above represents an event in mitosis in a particular species. What is the diploid number of chromosomes in this species? The diploid number of this species is 6. Two homologs for each chromosome. The actual chromosome number here with centromeres split is 12, but that defines the transient number of chromosomes as this cell divides. Its daughter cells will have the diploid number of chromosomes for the species.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Consider a gene A which is indicated on a chromosome in the above figure. Do other copies of this gene occur elsewhere? Label the position(s) of other copies of this gene. The gene A will be found on both chromatids originating from the initial sister chromatids and on both chromatids for the homologous chromosome. As stated in class and in your text, the alleles may be different, but the gene is the same on the homologous chromosomes....
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