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Quiz 08-27 key - E There are insufficient data to answer...

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Quiz 8-27 1. Cats do not have type O blood. Instead they have type A and type B. The gene specifying blood type is I, with two alleles A and B. I-A is dominant over I-B. A female that is type A is mated to a male that is also type A. She gives birth to 9 kittens, 7 are type A blood and 2 are type B blood. What are the most likely genotypes of these parents? A) AA and AB B) AB and BB C) AA and BB D) AB and AB - Both parents must be heterozygous to produce homozygous recessive offspring
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Unformatted text preview: E) There are insufficient data to answer this question. 2. If an individual who is of the genotype Aa Bb Cc dd is mated to an individual who is Aa bb Cc Dd, what proportion of the progeny will be genotype Aa bb Cc dd? A) 9/16 B) 1/16 P(Aa)1/2 X P((bb)1/2 X P(Cc)1/2 X P(dd)1/2 = 1/16. [Probabilities from each monohybrid outcome multiplied together. C) 8/12 D) 6/64 E) 9/64...
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