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Quiz 08-30 key - Clicker questions 08-30 1 In guinea pigs...

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Clicker questions 08-30 1. In guinea pigs, dark coat color (C) is dominant over albino (c) & short hair (S) is dominant over long hair (s). Matings of dark, short female and dark, long males yielded the following progeny: 29 dark short; 31 dark long; 9 albino short; 11 albino long. What were the parents' genotypes? A. Cc Ss X cc ss B. cc Ss X Cc ss C. CC ss X Cc Ss * D. Cc Ss X Cc ss Problems of this type are easiest to solve if you separate the genes into two monohybrid crosses. Considering coat color first, both parents are dark and must have at least one C allele. They have 60 progeny that are dark and 20 albino progeny ( cc ). The presence of the albino offspring and the 3:1 ratio of dark: albino is consistent with both parents having the genotype Cc. One parent expresses the dominant short hair phenotype and must have at least one S allele. The other parent has the recessive long hair phenotype and must be homozygous recessive, ss . Since there are 38 short hair progeny and 42 long hair progeny, close to a 1:1 ratio,
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