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Notes for Exam 3 Info - Exam 3 Review CHE 131 Summer 2010...

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Exam 3 Review CHE 131 Summer 2010 Natalie St. Fleur Part I: General Study suggestions with time management. 1) Find a nice QUITE not too comfortable spot & read through Dr. Oatis’ lecture notes. Highlight important info This should take no more than 3 hrs for all three Chpts ) The second part of this exam review I listed things in Chpt 10 I would highlight if I were a student taking Dr. Oatis’ class. If the information on that slide is not clear use the textbook as a reference. Solutions for Practice Problems aka Problem-Solving Practice are found at the end of the textbook in the appendix (pp. A.45 – A.62) 2) Go over the quizzes & HW. Determine what problems you did not answer correctly & why you did not answer them correctly. Approximately 1 – 2 hours. - The third part of the exam review I list the answers to the Chpt 4 & 5 quiz. 3) Set aside 1.5 hrs to take the Practice Exam on your own as you would take the exam on Wed. 4) Check your answers with the answer key & try to determine why you did not get the correct answer. This may take an hour or two, but it is essential. If you neglect this step, then you wasted your time. *If you cannot do this on your own go to office hours (my office hours are Tues 3 – 4 pm in the Chemistry Learning Center) and/or the exam review (6:30 – 7:30 pm in the Chemistry Learning Center). 5) Once you have established what information you have not retained or are confused about, study that information. Find & attempt related problems in the textbook (e.g. Problem-Solving Examples or Problem- Solving Practice found within the textbook readings or questions for review & thought found at the end of each chapter). Approximately 1 – 2 hours. 6) Between now & the next step you want to give yourself a break. I suggest a nap. Sleeping after studying has been linked to retention of information. 7) Set aside another 1.5 hrs (you will need less than this I am sure) & take the practice Exam again. If you don’t have the time to do so, then attempt to answer the questions you did not get right the first time. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR ANSWERS. 8) For those who want extra practice read through problems in the back of the textbook & pick out ones that seem tricky to you. Time required up to you. Time: Approximately 7 – 12 hrs over the next two days.
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Part II: List of things I would highlight or take note of in Dr. Oatis’ Chpt. 10 notes *Note your list may be longer or shorter depending on the depth of your knowledge & information Dr. Oatis told you, you would not be expected to know. But this list may give you an idea about the type of information that should not be overlooked but should be kept in mind. Slide #
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Notes for Exam 3 Info - Exam 3 Review CHE 131 Summer 2010...

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