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Notes for Final - 1 FINAL EXAM REVIEW PACKET What’s in this final exam review PART I SUGGESTED STUDY CHECK LIST(p 1 PART II& III C11& 12 HW

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Unformatted text preview: 1 FINAL EXAM REVIEW PACKET What’s in this final exam review: PART I: SUGGESTED STUDY CHECK LIST (p. 1) PART II & III C11 & 12 HW HELP (2 - 3) PART IV QUIZ 1 – 6 SOLUTIONS (4 – 14) PART V ADDITIONAL MATERIAL (15 – 21) PART I: SUGGESTED STUDY CHECK LIST. 1. Because you have not yet been tested on C11 & C12, it is very important you study new material . As mentioned in the exam 3 review, I recommend studying from Dr. Oatis' notes, using the text as a reference to clear up any confusion. I would also try all of the problems listed in her notes. *Practice Problem solutions are listed in the Appendix of your text. Additionally, you must test your knowledge of new material by completing HW diligently . 2. Go over all old exams . Ideally you should try to answer All problems without any notes. If you get stuck mark that problem & return to it after you have studied that section If time is an issue, you should definitely re-attempt any problems you get wrong on the first three exams. 3. Make a study sheet or index cards of things that must be memorized . This will probably Include equations (with a key describing symbols you are not sure of) & information like names of polyatomic anions ect… This will give you quick access to this information, which you can use to test your knowledge. 4. After you feel you have sufficiently prepared yourself for the exam, allot 2.5 hrs to take the practice final without notes . 5. Check your answers & determine your mistakes . Address these issues using your text & lecture notes. 6. Additionally, you can review your old HWs & quizzes . The quiz solutions are in Part IV of this review packet. 7. Any material or problems you are still confused about bring to the Final Exam review. I am not sure if the review will be question & answer review or guided exam review. *Note there maybe lots of students there & this review will only last one hour. Show up as early as possible ready to go. FINAL EXAM INFORMATION: Exam Review 8:30 - 9:30 am Old Chem. 116 Final 10 am - 1pm Old Chem. 116 Please remember to bring a photo ID, calculator and a pencil. Chapter 11 and 12 HW is due on Monday. 2 PART II C11 HW help 21, 23, 28, 40, 46, 51, 54, 62, 65 # 21. Volume of methanol b mass of methanol b moles of methanol The molar enthalpy of vaporization is the heat energy required by the substance to change 1 mole of that substance from a liquid to a gas. If one mole of methanol requires 38.0 kJ of heat energy to change it from liquid to a gas, how much heat is required to change the moles of methanol you calculated from liquid to gas. # 23. Same as 21. *Note the heat of vaporization for the water is greater than for Hg, so we would expect it would require more energy to vaporize water. However, in this example it requires more energy to vaporize Hg b/c there’s more Hg in 0.5 mL of Hg than there are in 0.5 mL of water....
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Notes for Final - 1 FINAL EXAM REVIEW PACKET What’s in this final exam review PART I SUGGESTED STUDY CHECK LIST(p 1 PART II& III C11& 12 HW

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