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Summer Syllabus - Stony Brook University CHE 131 General...

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Stony Brook University CHE 131 General Chemistry I Dr. Susan Oatis Summer 2010 Credits : 4 Time: Lectures: M, W, F, 9:30 am – 12:55 pm, Light Engineering, Room 102 Recitations: W, 1:30 – 3:30 pm: R01 (Physics 116), R02 (Melville Library N4072), R03 Chemistry 128 Prerequisite: High School Chemistry or one college level Chemistry course Co-requisite: MAT 123 and CHE 130 or pre-/ co-requisite of MAT 125 or higher. Textbook: Chemistry: The Molecular Science, 3rd edition, Moore, Stanitski, and Jurs, Thomson, 2008. Course Description: The first course in a two-semester sequence. A broad introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry, including substantial illustrative material drawn from the chemistry of inorganic, organic, and biochemical systems. The principal topics covered are stoichiometry, the states of matter, electron structure, chemical bonding and periodicity. The sequence emphasizes basic concepts, problem-solving and factual material. Grading: Exam 1 100 points Wed., June 9 (Chap 1-3) Exam 2 100 points Wed., June 23 (Chap 7-9) Exam 3 100 points Wed., July 7 (Chap 4, 5, 10) Final 200 points Mon., July 12 (Chap 1-5, 7-12) Homework 60 points Recitation 60 points (50 pts quizzes, 10 pts attendance) Exams/Final: Midterms will be 90 minutes in duration. If you are late for an exam, you will still be required to finish with the rest of the class. Exams will be multiple choice and will cover the material given in lecture, recitation and from the assignments. There are no makeup exams. Absences will be scored as zeroes, unless a written excuse with the appropriate documentation is submitted to the instructor within one week after the missed exam. With an accepted excuse, the final grade will be pro-rated based upon the exams taken, including the final exam. All students must take the final exam. Unexcused absence from the final will result in a grade of F. Any student who is unable to take the
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Summer Syllabus - Stony Brook University CHE 131 General...

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