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JUNIOR LABORATORY for ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS ESE 324 (Spring 2010) Prof. S. E. Sussman-Fort Light Engineering 257 Tel. 632-8419 Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 am – 1:30 pm I. Introduction ESE 324 is an advanced level laboratory course which emphasizes concepts in linear and nonlinear analog and sampled-data circuits. The experiments generally represent mini-design projects which require students not only to apply knowledge already acquired, but also to go beyond their present level of experience. While new material will be explained briefly in the weekly lectures, it is expected that students will augment their understanding of the theory of each experiment by independent study. The experiments have been carefully designed to portray as realistic an engineering design experience as possible within the framework of a laboratory exercise. Students will develop judgment and skill in translating design requirements into working prototypes, and will develop their practice of proper laboratory procedure and documentation. II. Textbook and Laboratory Materials The laboratory manual Laboratory Experiments in Modern Analog Electronics - Vol. II by S. E. Sussman-Fort (2010) is required for this course. The experiments to be performed throughout the semester are described in this manual. It is intended further that the manual serve as a workbook into which students can write notes for personal reference with regard to the experiments. The manual also will be needed as a reference for the midterm and final exams. An Electronics textbook such as Microelectronic Circuits by A. S. Sedra and K. C. Smith (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston) is strongly recommended for this course. The text will serve as a reference to be consulted throughout the semester. Also recommended are the books MicroSim PSpice for Windows Vols. I and II (3 rd ed.) by Roy Goody (Prentice-Hall 2001 or later), or alternatively, Schematic Capture with MicroSim PSpice (4 th ed.) by Marc Herniter (Prentice-Hall 2000 or later). These texts will help immeasurably with the schematic-capture version of PSpice; Herniter’s book even comes with the student version of the program See also and for software alternatives. Our CAD lab has the professional version 9.0 of PSpice installed. Every laboratory squad will need the ESE 314/ESE 324 parts kit, which was distributed last semester. Additional kits will be distributed only to those students who have not taken ESE 314 and ESE 324 previously. The laboratory manual and textbooks are available from Stony Books, the bookstore across the street from the railroad station in Stony Brook, on Route 25A. III. Course Requirements, Lab Reports, and Regulations 1. Students are required to attend the weekly lectures and all laboratory sessions. 2.
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