Lecture 6 - 2010-3-18

Lecture 6 - 2010-3-18 - Lecture Notes Biomedical Technology...

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1 Lecture Notes: Biomedical Technology - is a collection of technologies that capitalize on the attributes of cells, such as their manufacturing capabilities, and out biological molecules, such as DNA and proteins to work for us. It is the application of what we know about living organisms and their components to make new products and to develop new industrial processes. Lecture Notes: Biotechnology as it was practiced thousands of years ago provided the world's first beer. Today, thanks to the discovery of DNA, biotechnology is providing new treatments for previously untreatable diseases, more productive agriculture and a healthier environment. [DNA is the chemical basis for the genetic code common to all living organisms.] Lecture Notes: Industries that use biotechnology include: Health pharmaceuticals and diagnostics Agriculture plant breeding, animal breeding, veterinary products and diagnostics Environment and resources pollution control, land bioremediation, water treatment, minerals extraction and processing and pest management. Food and beverage processing starters, enzymes, fermentation. Industrial applications further processing of agricultural products (e.g. oils, fibres), bioprocessing and generation of industrial enzymes. Energy production
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Lecture 6 - 2010-3-18 - Lecture Notes Biomedical Technology...

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