Lecture 1 notes (2010-1-5)

Lecture 1 notes (2010-1-5) - HIS 216 1/5/10 Lecture 1 There...

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HIS 216 – 1/5/10 Lecture 1 There are many generalities between United States and Latin America. One of them is the balance of power. Latin America is lesser in power. Failure is due to inability to create a stable, efficient government. United States had a very experimental government 300 years ago and democracy was a new form. Caudillismo is when one person from military takes control of the government (form of government) Populism – form of government with Caudillism (Cuba, etc). While the British Empire gave United States a lot of freedom with government and organization, the Spanish Empire did not give that to Latin America, making them less prone to organization of an efficient government. Europe had a series of wars, which benefitted the United States a lot; let them operate freely. Because of this, the United States became more powerful than its neighboring populist countries, and allowed them to expand. Louisiana was part of the French Empire; Florida was part of the Spanish Empire. The United States government was able to finance companies to move into European territories because Europe had their own troubles. This expansion led to economic and cultural expansion. This process was defined as cocacolization . The United States never had colonies; the United States expansion was a different type of empire. It was defined as an open door empire . Instead of colonies, they used non-military ways to expand (collaboration, purchase, trade, etc). Those who owned Latin American territories had no problem selling territories to the United States.
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Lecture 1 notes (2010-1-5) - HIS 216 1/5/10 Lecture 1 There...

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