Lecture 3 notes (2010-1-7)

Lecture 3 notes (2010-1-7) - HIS 216 Lecture 3 1/7/10...

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HIS 216 Lecture 3 1/7/10 During the 1860s, when Latin America needed United States assistance, the United States ignored. One of the major examples was the French invasion of Latin America. These ignored calls for help were blatant violations of the Monroe Doctrine (p. 42). o Cinco de Mayo was when the French troops (under Maximillian) advanced into Mexico, and the Mexican troops were actually winning (Benito Juarez was the Mexican president). The Mexican troops were capable of expelling the French troops, and they killed Maximillian and his wife. The French left because they were having problems in Africa, and needed more power there. In addition, Napoleon III was less powerful. In 1866, Spain didn’t recognize Peru as an independent country (Peru was already independent in 1824), and so Spain sent the Armada to a small island called Chincha off of Peru (which was very important to Peruvian economy exporting guano). Chile decided to declare war on Spain in response, and requested assistance from the United States. The United States declined (the Civil War in the United States had just ended [1864-1866]). Only after the United States Reconstruction finished, in 1877, the United States went overseas and took a stand for Latin America. One of the main characters in this time of revival of United States interests in Latin America was James Blaine . He was a Secretary of State for President James Garfield (1881) . Europeans were trading in Latin America, and England started getting a more imperialist view in Latin America. Blaine felt that the Monroe Doctrine was being violated.
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Lecture 3 notes (2010-1-7) - HIS 216 Lecture 3 1/7/10...

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