Lecture 4 notes (2010-1-8)

Lecture 4 notes (2010-1-8) - Lecture 4 HIS 216 1/8/10 The...

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Lecture 4 HIS 216 1/8/10 The United States see as an example that France and England benefitted from imperialism and the United States wants to start developing overseas colonies and territories. 1890s – Rise of the Imperial Democracy – new concept of the United States will deeply affect United States-Latin American relations. o Border dispute between British Guyana and Venezuela o Spanish-American War o United States Imperialism would be much more difficult and complex than that in Europe. Since it is a democratic land, it must go through Congress, etc. British-Venezuelan Border Dispute (1895) o British Guyana and Venezuela o Fearing the dispute, Cipriano Castro (Venezuelan dictator) requested protection from the United States from England. President Cleveland (1893–1897) and Secretary of State Richard Olney were not willing to support a random dictator in Latin America, but do feel that England could occupy that territory and endanger not only the Monroe Doctrine but could have a foot in the area of the future canal. o Olney said to British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury that the problem could be solved through peaceful means by leaving it to an international arbitration, and let them decide who would have the territory. Salisbury did not agree with this, and said that the United States had nothing to do with the problem. He said that the Monroe Doctrine had no international validity, and was not recognized by any other power. o Olney was very pissed off (p. 22) Ended up with the Olney Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (1895) United States asserts its supremacy in the western hemisphere. United States can enforce the Monroe Doctrine. Any attempt for Europe in any of the Americas should be abandoned and non-returned. Venezuela has continuously asked the United States for help, and it is the business of the United
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Lecture 4 notes (2010-1-8) - Lecture 4 HIS 216 1/8/10 The...

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