Lecture 5 notes (2010-1-12)

Lecture 5 notes (2010-1-12) - HIS 216 Lecture 5 1/12/10 As...

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HIS 216 Lecture 5 1/12/10 As an Imperial Democracy, United States must reconcile with the people that didn’t want to have imperialism. The Spanish American War sparked a series of reactions against imperialism in Latin America. o One of the reactions came from an Argentina lawyer, Carlos Calvo (1896) o Since the 1880s, many of the countries in Latin America were occupied by American trade companies, one of the major ones being UFCO (United Fruit Company) . Needed to buy land (mostly belonged to poor peasants) This creates a whole crisis in Central America o Calvo proposes the Calvo Clause . According to his proposal, foreigners cannot demand extra protection from their home country, and as a result, should resolve those legal problems from inside the host country. o There is also a reaction from the intellectuals in Latin America. One of the most important ones was a writer named José Enrique Rodó (“Ariel”) - 1900 (p.78) Uses the analogy of the two characters in The Tempest by Shakespeare. Even though the United States has done some good things, but has lost its idea of beauty. The United States has become so mechanized, and is obsessed with productivity. The United States has become a materialistic country. The object that the United States strives for is completely material, and does not have any sort of artistic value. Latin America should not see the United States as a reference o Another Mexican writer named José Maria Roa Barcena – 1902 (p. 84) War with United States leaves feeling of ambivalence towards the United States. The Texas rebellion was a very intelligently thought out plan by the Saxons. Mexico’s war of independence left them with a false feeling of pride and belief that they could
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Lecture 5 notes (2010-1-12) - HIS 216 Lecture 5 1/12/10 As...

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