Lecture 7 notes (2010-1-14)

Lecture 7 notes (2010-1-14) - HIS 216 Lecture 7 1/14/10...

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HIS 216 Lecture 7 1/14/10 Mexican Revolution (1910) o Mexicans started a revolution against the dictator, Porfirio Diaz , who had been in power since 1876. He had been supported by the United States and Mexican landlords, who owned more than 90% of Mexican lands. He was protecting some United States companies there. o In 1910 , he was overthrown and exiled to Europe, and a new president, Francisco Madero , was elected. However, Madero was incapable of controlling all of Mexico. He made one main mistake: he did not disband the Mexican army; one of the main sources of Diaz’s power was the Mexican Army o February 1913 – Porifirio’s nephew, Felix Diaz , with a military group in Mexico City fought against Madero. Because most of the fighting was near the embassies in Mexico City, and because of Diaz’s and Madero’s inability to defeat each other, the United States ambassador, Henry Lane Wilson arranged a meeting where he spoke to a general of the Mexican forces ( Victoriano Huerta ) in Mexico City to overthrow Madero. Knowing that, Victoriano Huerta talked to Madero and said he would overthrow Diaz. Madero put Huerta in charge of the Mexican army, but having this power, he ended up overthrowing Madero. Huerta was now Mexican president. Madero was assassinated soon
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Lecture 7 notes (2010-1-14) - HIS 216 Lecture 7 1/14/10...

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