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Boccaccio's Account of Francesca's Story

Boccaccio's Account of Francesca's Story - Boccaccio's...

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Boccaccio's Account of Francesca's Story And thus, having artfully made the marriage contract, and having gone to Rimini, [Francesca] did not realize the deception until the morning next to the wedding, when she saw at her side Gian Ciotto. For this reason we must believe that, feeling deceived, she was irritated, and did not remove from her souls her love she already had for Paolo. It was never heard that later she was physically with him, except for what the author [Dante] writes on this. Possibly this may be true; but I believe that this is more likely a fiction on what could have happened than what the author knew it did. And continuing in this familiarity and since Gianni had gone to a land not too far away as podestà, Paolo and Madonna Francesca, without any suspicion, began to see each other. One of Gianni's faithful servants realized this and went to him telling what he knew, promising him, if he wanted, to let him touch and see it.
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