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patho and etho - I have found many Authors can reach there...

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I have found many Authors can reach there readers by using the patho approach with is an emotional tug with its reader and arguments from the heart. A etho approach has more to do with more static and established credibility. Depending on what the readers views are and ........... I felt that “Gift of language” by Lan Cao did a perfect job on explaining pathos. The story is told through the eyes of the daughter and how she came to America as a young girl and ready to learn the culture. Lan saw that many different things in America were nothing like her country in Vietnam. The most amazing thing to her was the shopping. In America, we fill everything into are carts and have coupons ready and its all one straight price. In Vietnam you could wonder the market and haggle the sellers to a price that would please you, also the buyers pay every single time they pick an item. Lan's mother finally comes to America and has a hard time dealing with the customs and lifestyle here. In Vietnam she was the “ “ of the market. Here she feels like she is getting ripped off and soon reverts to child behavior because she doesn't understand. Lan soon takes the role of the mother and the mother takes the role of the child. I found I was very sad for the mother. I could not imagine the fear and loneliness the mother must have been feeling. “Helping Refugees Enter the American Community” by Mary Pipher is about the struggles as an immigrant children coming to America's schools. The only patho that I felt that was in this story was struggles young children are going through. Its hard enough to be in school with the peer pressures and trying to find yourself but these children are not only from other countries with different traditions,
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they may have lost loved ones, they have left behind family and they don't understand the language yet.
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