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ELD* Observation Guide *Remember, ELD is the focused instruction of English to English Language Learners Describe school site. Be sure to include some basic demographical information on the school population. How many identified ELLs are enrolled at the school? o If you are able to find this information, where did you find it? o If not, who did you go to/how did you look for it? Which program model is being used (if any)? o If you can’t determine which program model it is, write a description of what is being done. When does the class meet and for how long? Where does the class meet? Who is participating in the class? o Teacher: aide, specialist (PT or FT), classroom teacher o Students: grade level(s), EL proficiency levels (B, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Early Advanced, Advanced)
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Unformatted text preview: What is being taught (skill, vocabulary, language function)? Outside of the ELD class, what resources are available at the school site for ELL students and/or their families? (e.g. translations of school communications, support groups, ESL classes for parents…) As a school site group: Prepare a 5-10 minute presentation on the information you have gathered. o You might consider making a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation, or a poster, of handouts for the class. Presentations will be made in class 4, October 12. Also, Section B: o ESC students please pair up with an MST student to do the ELD observation (and presentations) together Presentation: basic paragraph of school info… Will want field notes...
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