Management Observation form

Management Observation form - CSTP(2.5 TRANSITIONS(e.g...

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Outside Observation #1: Classroom Management Focus Please observe a teacher on your site and look for the following classroom management strategies. The goal of all outside observations is to gather information and not to judge. Please remember to maintain confidentiality in sharing this information. Please also note that NO teacher does all of these things in every lesson. Your name: Grade:______________________ Subject observed: _______ ___ Date: _______________________ TPE Skills What did the teacher do and how did he/she do it? What was the effect? TPE 10: Instru ctional Time CLASS OPENING (e.g. Warm Up, Quick Write, class ritual, other ) (CSTP 2.2, 2.3) PROCEDURAL DIRECTIONS (e.g. precise language, step- by-step, other
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Unformatted text preview: ) CSTP (2.5) TRANSITIONS (e.g. whole group to small group, small group to whole group, other ) (CSTP 2.5) TPE 11 QUIET SIGNALS (e.g . countdown, hands up, music, other ) (CSTP 2.5) 2: Monitoring Student Learning During Instruction PACING ( 7-UP: Did the activity “shift” approx. every 7 minutes? (CSTP 2.6) CHECKING FOR UNDERSTANDING (e.g. thumbs up, student repeat back, other ) (CSTP 2.5) 2, 11 LEADING DISCUSSIONS (e.g. think/pair/share, open-ended questions, listening, acknowledging student responses, other ) (CSTP 2.5) 11 BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT (e.g. the “look,” proximity, positive reinforcement, reference to class rules, serious voice tone, other ) (CSTP 2.4)...
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Management Observation form - CSTP(2.5 TRANSITIONS(e.g...

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