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ELA Framework Exploration Name: ______________________________ Grade: _________ As you explore the Language Arts Framework, consider the following: 1. What are the Goals and Key Components of effective ELA instruction? 2. Organization of ELA Standards : How many domains are listed for each grade level? Are they the same? How are strands listed under each domain for each grade level? How are they numbered? How are sub-strands listed below each strand? Does the
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Unformatted text preview: number of sub-strands differ in each grade level? • How are standards listed under each sub-strand? Does the number of standards differ in each grade level? Why might this be the case? 3. Based on the Language Arts Content Standards and CAPA Standards for your grade level, what is a __ grader supposed to know and be able to do? • Listening/Speaking • Reading • Writing 4. What is Universal Access?...
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