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Julie's letter - August 9 2010 Dear Credential Candidates...

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August 9, 2010 Dear Credential Candidates, My earliest childhood memories of literacy take me back to summer evenings in Spokane, Washington. My mother would sit on the living room couch with my brother, sister and I vying for the position of sitting next to here while she read to us. She read children’s classics, like Black Beauty , Heidi , and The Wizard of Oz . My mother read with wonderful expression. She would help us understand parts of the stories that were difficult for us and she would quiz us on the authors’ names for the different books that she had read to us. From these experiences, I learned to love literature and couldn’t wait to learn to read myself. I was of the Dick and Jane era. I vividly remember the round robin reading of the Dick and Jane books at school. I would be so concerned about being able to read when my turn was coming up, that I would look ahead, figure out what I was supposed to read and then be ready to pop out the correct words on cue. I didn’t really listen to what the other
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