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LA Intro-Dispositions - Literacy Assessment Assignment...

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Literacy Assessment Assignment Introduction and Dispositions Toward Literacy Optional Draft Due: September 27, 2010 1. Introduction A. Purpose of Assessment -In what ways will you use the results of these assessments? Think about student evaluation, parent conferences, student study team, planning appropriate language arts instruction, etc., including functional communication training to replace problem behaviors 1 . -How will you share the results of these assessments with the student and his/her family/guardians? B. Selection of Student -How and why did you choose this particular student? -What are your specific questions concerning his/her language and literacy development? 2. Student’s Disposition Toward Literacy A. Classroom/School Observations You will want to observe this student in the classroom, OVER TIME, to discover how s/he approaches classroom activities/lessons. Observe and gather data from a variety of contexts, such as SSR, ELD/SLD, Language Arts, Writers’ Workshop and any other time of the day that involves literacy and/or language development. Also observe this student in other contexts such as on the playground, in the library, computer lab, cafeteria, etc. to see if there are similarities and differences, particularly in regards to listening and speaking, between the different contexts. When you do your analysis for this section, please provide specific evidence (the date, the context, and a description) for your interpretations. Some of you may be in placements where you are unable to observe your student in other settings (e.g., SDC, Learning Resource Centers, etc.). In this section you should explicitly state your setting and the limitations you may have in observing this students in other settings (e.g., you are in SDC all day and cannot follow the student while s/he is included
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LA Intro-Dispositions - Literacy Assessment Assignment...

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